Personal Trainer

Walking to running, running to jumping, jumping to lifting. No matter what the objective is, Kadyn will get you moving in the right direction.

“I could hardly walk, sit or even lie down”. At the age of 18, Kadyn badly slipped a disc in his lower spine resulting with severe sciatica. Motivated, determined and prepared for the worst, he pushed on, learning and observing from every symptom, exercise and therapy that pushed him in a pain free direction.

Injury prevention and treatment is now a passion of Kadyn’s and continues to research and develop his knowledge every day. Nothing is too small or too great for Kadyn. Bad knees? He’ll get you equating. Nasty back? He’ll get you deadlifting. He loves and accepts any challenge put before him.

CrossFit and Olympic lifting coach, high level cross country runner and food medicine student, Kadyn covers it all and continues to branch his expertise everyday.

Personal training from the young age of 18, Kadyn has experienced all clients of different shapes and sizes and is ready to take on any challenge that comes his way. His training methods are well researched so if you’re keen, make sure you’re ready for some knowledge bombs!