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Boxing Trainer
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Caleb has been involved in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and boxing coach for the last five years, and has one year remaining on his exercise physiology degree with the ambition of specializing in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and exercise programming. Caleb has a great appreciation for the art of boxing and excels in his coaching techniques used to develop everyone from beginners to advanced boxers. With a couple amateur fights under his belt and the intention to have more, Caleb is continuously incorporating his expanding boxing knowledge into his coaching techniques to achieve the best results in those he trains.

  • 13 years experience training professional athletes and general population
  • Post Graduate in Exercise Physiology & Sports Nutrition
  • Bachelor Degree in Exercise & Sports Science
  • Undergraduate in Physical Education
  • FMA Certified in Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Strength & Conditioning
  • Football Federation Australia Coach
  • Qualify your orthopedic profile and assess areas of weakness, to enable you to achieve the positional demands of primary movements related to any sports and everyday life.
  • To motivate, teach and educate all ages and abilities, the techniques and methodologies to overcome any physical challenge. Whether it is to dominate a competitive sport, be ready for the trials that life can bring or simply maintain a level of sustainable, injury free fitness.
  • As a Fitness Professional my mission is to use my knowledge and ability to help you achieve the goals that we set together. Your goals are my goals. If you succeed, I succeed.
  • Now I believe I can do it!